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Milan Design Week 15∙04 > 21∙04∙24

Together with 29 other designers, Studio Matta is selected for BOLD Dualities during the Milan Design Week. The exhibition is curated by Baroness O. for Belgium is Design, in a scenography by Karel Burssens. As the title suggests, it has become a bold, daring, and especially unconventional selection. The venue chosen is Baranzate Ateliers, an initiative by designer Lionel Jadot.

Wunderobjects are tangible traces from our design process as interior architects. These functional clay models go beyond the quest for form and proportion; they are sustainable materializations of a forward-looking vision. They allow the clients to dream of the renovated house, add colour to their current interior, and serve for Matta as a lasting reminder of each unique project.⁠

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